Paint shop

Our paint shop was established in 2018 and is one of the most modern paint shops in Poland.

The technical requirements for cycle times and component dimensions for the large size and the small component are very different, therefore this concept for the plant has two separate routes with largely common use of pretreatment equipment, adhesion water dryers, cooling sections and curing ovens.

The substations for powder coating, masking-demasking and the on / off hanging stations are separate as a result of the component-related differences in weights and hanging methods.

Other essential requirements were quick colour changes with a low risk regarding color carryover, very good energy efficiency of the plant as a whole and optimal assembly times at the on / off hanging stations.

Result: a two route plant, which is very flexible and scalable. The respective routes can be managed at different speeds depending on the daily requirements.

Small parts are processed in a continuous process, the large parts are largely done individually.

Machinery Park

We have the newest machinery park

We have the newest machinery park which includes saw, guillotine, rolling mill, 60T/300T/500T press, manual lathe, numerical lathe, die cutter, sandblaster, flanging press, eccentric press, bending brake, drills, pressure welding machines, tools for stud welding, MIG/MAG welders, tig-welding machines, welders and covered electrode, lasers.
We get the max quality of offered products which the quality control department watches over.


We create units for cleaning machines in internal and external parts of buildings, for maintaining cleanliness in communal areas and for maintaining green spaces. We take part proudly in a production of street sweepers, clamping rings, industrial vacuum cleaners, polishers which are used in all well-known chain stores in Poland and worldwide.

Guarantee of quality

We work in in an accordance with ISO standards.

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