Quality control

Quality control

The quality control department watches over the quality of goods and processes. It is equipped with the newest measuring device and machines produced by Zeiss and Hexagon that allows to measure up to a few micrometres.

Quality Policy


The main aim is to assure that all the services and goods provided by us meet the clients’ requirements, needs and expectations providing satisfaction.

Implementation, maintaining and constantly improving Management System in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015 allows us to monitor and continuous control implemented processes in terms of quality in Hako Technology Sp. Z o.o. (Polish limited liability company)

The paramount goal of the company is the production and installation of welded elements from carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium and also powder coating.

The most important assessment criterion of our work is the satisfaction of our clients who receive reliability and professionalism in terms of provided services through a constant process of improvement in areas related to quality, timely performance as well as optimisation of costs.

In our efforts, we try our best to meet the quality standard which is a guarantee of achieving the goal and the guarantee of the client’s satisfaction.

Main aims and courses of actions in the realization of Management System’s Policy:

  • The company’s work in the framework of existing regulations and standards,
  • The company’s development through strengthening the position on the local, domestic, and international market,
  • Monitoring the growth of client’s satisfaction and realization of agreements and orders accurately,
  • The collaboration with quality providers which have enough qualification to work with us, and meets the requirements regard to quality,
  • Upgrading the machinery park used for providing services,
  • In case of any mistake, not only the effect of the error is deleted but also the reason in order to avoid them in the future,
  • The stimulation to involvement all the employees in general matters of understand quality,
  • The improvement of workforce and raising awareness of quality through the realization of systematic pieces of training,
  • Constant improvement of created and introduced Managing System
  • An obligation to consult and participation of staff and their representatives.

By implementing and maintaining the Managing System in accordance with Standard ISO 9001:2015 we confirm the validity of our actions that in effect the client is satisfied.

Top management of Hako Technology Sp. Z o.o. (Polish limited liability company) declares generalised involvement of all of the employees in terms of quality.

Management System’s policy is compatible with the Organization context, it is known and used for every employee and available for anyone interested.





Guarantee of quality

We work in in an accordance with ISO standards.

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